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Caffeine is dangerous for the body since an excess of it can cause palpitations medium, hypertension and insomnia. Because aloe vera gel drink diets contain only low levels of coffee, there is a danger of experiencing these side effects. Health benefits of drink

1. Prevents cancer.drink contains epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG polyphenols special. This is an effective antioxidant that is famous not just to kill cancer cells but also prevent cancer. The latest research on drink was able to prove that drink diet can effectively protect your skin from damage due to ultraviolet light. aloe vera gel drink is also widely known as a substance that can protect against various cancers including stomach cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, breast and cervical cancer.

2. EGCG decreases LDL (dangerous) cholesterol fat. This prevents blood clots creation, which is a leading cause of attack in the middle! The study on drink diets was conducted in China using 240 people with excellent cholesterol as volunteers. They were placed on a diet of aloe vera gel drink 1 capsule (equivalent to seven cups of drink) or were given a placebo 1 per day. After twelve days, those who were close to a drink diet dropped sixteen% in their cholesterol levels.

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3. Weight loss (or loss of fat) causes EGCG in drink diet increases energy costs 24 hours the body. A research on drink diets conducted by American and Swiss researchers at the University of Geneva showed an increase of more than four% in the cost of natural energy of the body. People who were about a aloe vera gel drink diet were more likely to use up more fats than those not about a diet of drink.

4. drink can also be a potential cure for obesity. Polyphenols in drink diets can delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases in the body. These enzymes convert calories in the body fat. By delaying this enzymatic activity, drink diets can prevent fat storage and thus prevent obesity. As mentioned above, aloe vera gel drink contains the coffee that makes it a light an appetite suppressant. However, the content of coffee in the diet of drink is not as excellent as those found in alternative caffeine based beverages, such as coffee. In conclusion, drink has several health benefits, including weight loss and fat loss. In this way it is shown and it is natural. There are variations of green diets like drink pills, drink capsules, aloe vera gel drink patches, etc. This makes it convenient for you to carry them while traveling and could be more concentrated. If possible, try to green as a drink.